Vape Accessories

Looking for the best vape accessories available in NZ? We stock everything you need to build your own coils and vaping setups at home, including coils, cotton, pliers and building supplies. Our glow-in-the-dark vape bands will keep your precious tank safe at night and in case it tips over, and our drip tips are the stylish way toaccessorise and customise your vape tank setup.

About our high-quality vape accessories in NZ

Vape Bands – Vape bands are designed to protect the glass of your vape tank. Even a drop from a short distance can cause a crack in your tank, which leads to leaking e-liquid and being unable to use your vape.
Drip Tips – Drip tips come in two main sizes: 510 and 810. Check the size of your vape tank first to ensure you choose the correct size.

Cotton – Organic Japanese Cotton is the perfect wicking material for an RDA, RDTA or any custom-coil build. We stock only the best cotton to ensure you get the best flavour from your e-liquid.
Coils – Coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to customise the resistance and intensity of your vape accordingly. We stock a range of coils to suit any vape building enthusiast.
Pliers – A good pair of pliers is essential for coil building, and make up a crucial part of your toolkit.
Building Mat – Want to keep your coil-building as sterile and clean as possible? A building mat will keep your vape clear of fluff and hair during your build, and ensures the only cotton in your vape is the kind soaking up your quality e-liquid . If you have any questions about our products or vape accessories, contact one of our team today.