Pick up to three E Liquid Flavours from our Sweet and Fruity selection,

Mix them together resulting in your very own masterpiece.

How it works

In each box select a E Liquid Flavour, There are 27 E Liquid flavours to choose from.
The base flavour will be the more prominent flavour.

If you only want to mix 2 flavors leave the other box selected as none.

We only supply the creation E Juice in a 50ml bottle
This E Liquid Is suitable for most E Cigarette & Vape Devices


(warning we do not offer any returns on this product as we custom make it for you)

[Please note that we are unable to set the flavours as out of stock on this item. to ensure we can supply what you are after check that the individual flavour is not out of stock otherwise you will not be able to include it with this item]

(Rules For Naming Your Creation)

  1. We will not print any names that are offensive or aimed towards any third party's
  2. No Cuss/Profanity words are to be used [symbol Profanity is fine]
  3. Mist NZ has the right to refuse the print of your name chosen if deemed unsuitable.
  4. If the name is unsuitable we will print the default Creation name instead  

Create E Liquid

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Second Flavour
Third Flavour
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